AdmissionPros uses relational database architecture in the storage of all system data. The storage engine chosen for this system is Oracle 9i (or above). This engine provides the ability to handle enormous data throughput and maintain an impressive uptime. Data feeds generally come from the administrative and processing desktop client as well as the prospect and applicant web portals. We also have the ability to accept custom feeds from legacy information systems for the purposes of integration. In order to enhance integration we can also provide custom feeds to these systems. In order to allow for bulk load of data (SAT, SAT II, ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc.), we can accept feeds from appropriate flat file formats (customized to capture the data in which you are interested).

The system relies on industry standard relational database functionality. Data retrieval relies on industry standard Structured Query Language (SQL). The project also relies on industry standard network communication via the TCP/IP protocol suite.

Operating System

AdmissionPros is a PC based product. However, MAC users may successfully run AdmissionPros by running Windows with the software Parallels. Parallels and VM Ware are both designed to create a virtual hard drive on which Windows can be installed and run. With either of these programs, Windows is opened, in its own window, on the Mac OS desktop environment. All Intel-based Macs (all new Macs) come with a program called Boot Camp which is a component of the Mac OS X. Boot Camp requires that the user re-boot the computer in the new OS system, but also runs Windows without problems. Windows Vista has been tested and found to run fastest in Boot Camp on a Mac.

Development/Implementation Cycle

Due to the custom nature of AdmissionPros' products, each clients development/implementation cycle is unique. Assuming style guidelines and content are established, online applications and web portals can be put into place within 60-90 days. The Desktop Administrative System, which is more involved and requires the definition and potential re-engineering of internal workflow and business processes, is an evolving effort that is usually completed within the first year. Whatever the scope of your project, we will work with you to establish a timeframe that will meet your needs.

Desktop System Users

There is no limit to the number of authorized users who may install and run AdmissionPros.

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